A Reformed Baptist Association of Churches in Mid-America

Churches of the same faith and gospel order, as they all have drunk of the one and same Spirit; as they are branches of the one and same body, and hold to the one and same Head; and as they have one Lord, one faith, and one baptism; may and ought to have and enjoy voluntary fellowship and friendly association together, as occasion may require and opportunity serve. 

Our Confession of Faith

MARBAC churches fully subscribe to the
1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith.

Our Constitution

MARBAC was constituted on March 26, 2016.

Our Purposes

The purposes of this regional association are:


To advance and secure in every way
the interests of Christ’s kingdom.


To cooperate in the spreading of the gospel, especially in planting Reformed Baptist churches in the region.


To show visible unity to
the world and churches.


To gain a greater knowledge,
communion and love with sister churches.


To afford counsel and advice in
difficult cases of various types.


To help preserve uniformity of faith & practice within the confines of our Confession of Faith, especially in dealing with doctrinal & practical questions.


To detect and deal with heresies and/or heretics, and in so doing to maintain harmony and peace in the churches.


To give financial aid as
God prospers our churches.


 To help curb the wanton
abuse of church power.


To supply the pulpits of sister churches in the event one is without a pastor.

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